How He Asked!

Brady and I met in college and spent collectively only about four months consistently in the same place while dating. The rest of our time (almost three years at the time) was spent apart, sometimes not seeing each other for months at a time between work and softball travel. We have always had to be very intentional with the time we spent together and making sure our relationship stays at the forefront of whats going on in life. At this point in our relationship Brady and I knew we wanted to get married, it was something that was constantly at our hearts desire!

December 26, 2017

Christmas was on a Monday and that night Brady stayed at my parents house to be closer to work training which was pretty far out of town. So the next morning he leaves as early as he normally would with his bags packed, a kiss goodbye, and an "I love you, I'll see you next weekend." Not much was going on in my day besides training and a photoshoot I agreed to do earlier in the week.

Rewind a few days... My mom informs me that my neighbor (who was a photographer for a local boutique) saw her in the grocery store and asked if I would mind doing a short photoshoot for her later in the week. My mom told told her I would, and of course I would! How fun right? So I get in touch with her and ask for the details. She said it would be short and sweet because she just had a few outfits she needed photographed before the end of the week and that her normal model was out of town for the holidays.

So later that day I get myself ready and get over to her house early to try and beat the rain that was forecasted for the afternoon. As I get inside, after some small talk, she brings me to where my outfits are and I see two dresses. One beautiful dress initally catches my eye so I decide to wear that one first. I try it on and not only is it one of my favorite colors, but fits me perfectly! We walk outside and I can't help but remember the crisp chill I felt in my short, no sleeved dress- It was in the 40's and there was a light mist in preparation for the rain coming. We decide to take the photos in one of my absolute favorite places, my back yard under our two few hundred years old live oaks.

We get situated and start taking pictures at different angles showing

off the dress. The front, sides, close up of detail, and finally... the back. As instructed I turned around while she got the different angles of the dress and once she was done she said, "you can turn around now" I can't help but smile and get butterflies when I think of the moment after I heard those words. Because when I turned around, I saw the most handsome man in a white button down and blue jeans just a few steps away walking towards me. I knew at that moment my and our life was about to change!

It suddenly wasn't cold anymore. Maybe it was shock, nerves, adrenaline, happiness, excitement, probably a mix- but either way at that moment I didn't feel a thing. He grabs me and pulls me in for a hug and kiss and says, "damn, you look good." I couldn't help but smile because at this point I knew exactly what was about to happen.

He grabbed my hands and spent what felt like a lifetime telling me why he loved me, the things he desired for our life together, promising who he would be as a husband, spiritual leader, and man for me and our future family. He spoke with such passion and emotion, being authentically genuine with every promise he made. I think I had tears in my eyes the entire time as I laughed, smiled, and listened intently to every word he said.

He then got down on one knee still holding my hand and said, "Bailey Ann, will you marry me?" and of course...I SAID YES! He then opened a box that held the most beautiful radiant cut, white gold diamond ring and placed it on my left hand.

We spent the next few moments in pure bliss and joy celebrating our engagement with one another hugging, enjoying each other, and living in the moment! Thats when my happy tears set in!

Just as we were celebrating I heard a cheer from my house- my family got to watch the whole thing! They came and joined us in celebration of the BIG moment we just had lived. To my surprise not only was some of our family there to celebrate with us that night... but some of our best friends who will now stand by us in the wedding! We spent the next few days going see, calling, and face timing our families telling them the good news which provided for even more sweet moments and memories we will cherish forever!

Photographs by Beyond Gray Photography